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Organising a holiday or trip abroad can take a lot of leg work. Firstly there is the accommodation and flights to book. The easiest way to do this is of course to book a package holiday.

Now be aware that if you walk into a travel agents and they sell you a holiday they will then proceed to give you the hard sell on travel insurance. It’s almost certain that this travel insurance will be more expensive because you’ll be paying a hefty commission to the travel agency.

Are you looking for longer terms travel insurance? Perhaps you are heading off to Thailand for three months or inter-railing around Europe and looking for 90 day travel insurance for UK residents?

So we recommend you use a site like ours to get the best single trip and over the age of 80 quotes from the many providers featured here.

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Should you medicate your child before a flight? Parents and @drphilippakaye give their opinion: http://bit.ly/1M5bLOH 

Latest Trave Insurance and Holiday News Headlines

From the BBC – Lufthansa Cancels Flights


The AA will stop restricting holidaymakers aged over 79 from taking out travel insurance cover for single trips from November 5.
Finding travel affordable travel insurance can be impossible for older travellers, with the majority of firms imposing age limits.
While the AA will keep its age limit of 79 on annual policies, it will axe the limit on single trips. It will also offer more generous medical underwriting.

kl popular holidays

Those who suffer from mild asthma or angina, for example, currently have to pay a small premium on top of their normal travel insurance cost.
But when the changes take effect they will no longer have to. Mobile phones will also be automatically covered, which they aren’t at present.
Of the 543 travel insurance policies available for single trips just 75, including those from LV=, the Post Office and Saga holiday insurance over 65, have no maximum age, according to research by price comparison website GoCompare.

More and more seniors taking a grey gap year

The Baby Boomer generation have been quite lucky in terms of realising the high equity in their properties over the last 20 years and now control a lot of the wealth in the UK.

vietnam popular with boomers

This sudden realised wealth has meant the growth of the ‘grey-gapper’ who are often out and about around the world volunteering, sailing, backpacking, chilling in beach resorts and basically living life to the full, and who can blame them, they have worked really hard throughout their lives and deserve this!

There seems to be no age limit either to their adventures with grey gappers typically starting around the age of 55 right up to the age of 80. ‘Travelling can keep you young and your brain engaged’ says Barbara Manning who is typical of this new older breed of backpacker.

‘Life is about experiencing new things so why wouldn’t us oldies want to explore a bit of the wordl, it sure beats sitting around in a UK coastal resort looking out at the cluds and rain!’ she goes on to say.